About The New Calvary Echoes

The New Calvary Echoes were the original members of the family group known as, “Conrad Cook and the Calvary Echoes." They have been a well known name in the gospel music field for many years. They sung full time from 1993 until Conrad went home to be with the Lord on June 29, 2004. While they were together, they sung on many of the Gaither Homecoming videos and Praise Gatherings. They were and still are one of Gospel Music Television's most requested groups.

Conrad Cook was a well known song writer. When he sung with his family group, they sung many of his songs such as, “Moses, Take Your Shoes Off", “Hallelujah to the Lamb" and “Standing on Holy Ground", just to name a few. Many of today's most noted groups still sing and record his songs. For instance, The Kingsmen Quartet recorded “Saints Will Rise", “The Old Ship of Zion", “The Glory Road" and several others. Palmetto State Quartet, Paid In Full, The Trio, The Squire Parsons Trio, The Inspirations, The Lefevres, Teddy Huffam and the Gems, The Nelons, and Valor have sung his songs as well.

Since the passing of Conrad, the ministry now consists of Conrad's wife Patty Cook, daughter Robyn Cook Adkins and son-in-law Cliff Adkins. They are known as The New Calvary Echoes. They knew that the group's name had to change after the passing of Conrad. Since there was already a male quartet called The Calvary Echoes, Cliff said when seeking God's will while praying, the Lord told him to just add the word “new" in front of their original name The Calvary Echoes because He was going to send them a “new" and “fresh anointing." Some folks have wondered about the word “new" as if the group was trying to promote a new message. However, that is not the case. Cliff and the group know that there is only one message and it is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. The message has not changed and never will. They have recorded and released to radio several of Conrad's songs such as: “That's Enough to Make Me Want to Shout", “Moses, Take Your Shoes Off" and “Somebody Prayed for Me".

Although this group may appear to be new, Cliff, Robyn and Patty are not new to the Gospel Music Industry; they are well known and established with many promoters, pastors and friends across the country because of their past ministry with Conrad.

They have and always will be a ministering group and not performers. When and if you get the opportunity to see them in action, you will be lifted up through the anointing of God. The Lord has equipped them for the calling of ministers through song and testimony. When you experience God through their ministry, you will then understand their hearts and their vision for Christ. Do not miss being a part of any service where they minister. You will experience a mighty move of the Holy Spirit while listening to one of today's most anointed groups. Be prepared to “take your shoes off" because you will know that you are on Holy Ground!

They give God all the praise, honor and glory for allowing them the privilege to sing and write gospel music and to share the message of Jesus through song with their own unique style that they have always been noted for while keeping the family tradition alive and well.

Robyn Cook Adkins was born on March-8-1964 in Logan, WV. The only child of Conrad and Patricia. At the age of three, she began to sing at her home church where her mother was the pianist. When she was in kindergarten and elementary school, her mother would frequently receive calls that Robyn would be singing during her classes "He's got the whole world in His hands" which was very disruptive. At the age of nine, her father "Conrad" saw the love of singing in his little girls eyes. He then formed his family group called, "Conrad Cook and the Calvary Echoes". Conrad being a band and vocal director, taught her how to band score while she was in high school. Later, Robyn and Cliff were married and have three beautiful children; Jada, Cliff Jr., and Brittany. She and her husband are expecting their first grandchild in May of 2007. She received her nursing degree in 1985 and received her Doctorate Degree in music from Emmanuel Baptist University in 1999. Being a part-time hospice nurse, she was able to take care of her father during his battle with cancer, and approximately two weeks before his death on June-29-2004, he handed her the mantle to the ministry. She continues on with the legacy that her father left behind and striving to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Send me an Email

Cliff Adkins was born on May-15-1964 in Holden, WV. He is the son of Rev. Roy and Louise Adkins of Whitman, WV. Cliff grew up in church singing at an early age with his sisters. After graduating high school, he joined the United States Air Force where he served honorably for the next seven years. After his military service, he came back to his home town and worked for his dad as manager of Roy's Bible Bookstore in Chapmanville, WV. He then met Robyn "his best friend from seventh grade", and they married having three children. He sung the baritone, and some lead parts, with his Father-In-Law the late Conrad Cook and his group the Calvary Echoes. During the next number of years, he served many roles for the group while being trained by Conrad to take over when and if the time ever came that he went home to be with the Lord. On June-29-2004, Conrad went home to be with Jesus, and Cliff had to take over the leadership role for the group after changing the name to the New Calvary Echoes. He is honored to take on such a position while keeping the family group on the battlefield for Christ. He states that he feels like Joshua did when he had to take over the leadership role after Moses went home to be with the Lord. Cliff has also assumed the writing of the group's gospel music while still singing Conrad's songs too. He has a college degree in the medical field from South College and also a Doctorate of Music degree from the Emmanuel Baptist University. Cliff takes care of the groups business while also taking on his newest work "preaching the gospel. Cliff was ordained on April-12th-2009 and was licensed on the same day at his home church by Rev. John H Rutherford Senior Pastor of Faith Fellowship in Charleston, WV. Send me an Email

Completed his Doctor Of Divinity on Feb-2-2015.